Political Guidelines

Fayette TV Political Programming Guidelines

Please notice the following are guidelines only. To maintain the integrity of the station and the reputation of the local geographic area, the Fayette TV Advisory board and appointed operators and administrators reserve the right to refuse to air any content they feel would be detrimental to the perception of the county.

Events of a political nature filmed and aired on Fayette TV must show all sides of an issue, therefore rallies, political dinners, and meetings held by non-governmental groups are not generally appropriate for airing.

In the interest of governmental transparency, Fayette TV does air debates providing all candidates have been appropriately invited to participate, conversations with currently elected officials and a limited number of meetings.

Meetings aired must be official advertised meetings of city, county or municipal governments or town halls organized by said officials. While airtime is generally afforded to these efforts at little or no cost, professional quality audio and video is the responsibility of the meeting organizers or sponsors.

Fayette TV reserves the right to refuse any programming with sub-standard audio or video. As Fayette TV is a family oriented station, meetings broadcast must hold to the standard of decorum and be free of excessive profanity.

To preserve the accuracy of the proceedings, postproduction is not permitted on meetings. Videographer may fade to black AFTER Executive Session has been called and fade in BEFORE the regular meeting resumes. Any other stop/starts in the video will be cause to deny the broadcast. CG’s, or computerized graphics, giving the name and position of those speaking may be added. A brief title slide or open can be added, as can closing credits or contact information at the conclusion of the meeting.

General program sponsorship by candidates, candidates’ committees, or political organizations is permitted – however they cannot directly promote a candidate or cause. Sponsorship tags also must clearly mention the sponsor’s name and must be free from the office for which the candidate is running. Currently elected officials may use their current title, such as Councilman, Commissioner, etc.

As Fayette TV is owned and operated by a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and operates as such, sponsorship tags on Fayette TV must refrain from the use of superlative statements and prices.