Recognizing Servant Leaders

By Dave Slusarick

Having a desire to change the world can be overwhelming.  Where do you start? Will you really make a meaningful difference, or could you be using your time in a better way? What will others think if you fail?

The most inspiring and influential people realize that although there are limits to what each of us can accomplish, we have to start somewhere.  Just ask the folks featured on the documentary mini-series “Mission Field: Fayette County.” They use their gifts, talents and passion every day for the good of our community, and inspire others to do the same.

Tune in to Fayette TV today at 2:30 p.m. and meet a lady whose small stature doesn’t do justice to her great spirit: Sister Dorothy Balock of the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great.  She’s a lady who doesn’t let age or physical ailments keep her from her calling of helping people during their last moments of life, and offering comfort to their families.

You’ll also get to know Pastor Brian Higbee, the beloved shepherd of the flock at the City Church of Connellsville, and hear from people who have been impacted by his down-to-earth and relational brand of ministry.  His church is found in a modest building that once housed an appliance store, but Pastor Brian has high expectations for himself and big plans for the growing City Church movement.

“Mission Field” is a project of Coordinated 360, subcontracted operator of Fayette TV. Coordinated 360 thanks the many people who nominated the show’s honorees, and agreed to be interviewed. The show was made possible by generous support of the Kezmarsky Funeral Home and the State Theatre Center for the Arts. Valuable assistance was provided by Maria Dowling and Chris Boucher, and by media personality Bill Alexander, who served as director/audio engineer.

Speaking of Bill Alexander, Fayette TV appreciates his hard work to bring you our “Movie for a Sunday” feature.  Today, directly following “Mission Field,” catch the 1943 classic “Lady of Burlesque” starring Barbara Stanwyck.  Enjoy, and have a great week!

Dave Slusarick is creative director at Coordinated 360, subcontracted operator for Fayette County Community Television. Contact him at 1-800-893-8516.

*The first installment of Mission Field: Fayette County is also available for online viewing at

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