Going LIVE Accepts Interns

By Dave Slusarick

At Fayette TV, we believe that providing a quality education to our community’s young people in is everyone’s business. One of the station’s four focus areas is education, and we air some student-produced content nearly every day.  Our live parade broadcasts, as well as our primetime variety show “Going LIVE with FCTV,” have benefitted from the technical assistance of Albert Gallatin High School’s AGTV students, and we hope those students have profited from these opportunities for practical experience.

Now, we’re happy to announce an opportunity for high school graduates who are interested in, or are pursuing, the collegiate study of broadcast communications, marketing, public relations, or a related field.  For the first time, we’re accepting production interns for “Going LIVE with FCTV”!

Four-week, 10-week, or 14-week internships will give students the opportunity to learn more about the region, network with community leaders, and practice skills related to public relations, marketing, and management. Interns will have an important role in the continued improvement and long-term success of Fayette County’s only locally produced variety show focusing on arts, entertainment, and community events.

Fayette TV strives to provide a safe, learner-friendly environment where motivated, creative, and upbeat individuals can develop useful skills while becoming more confident in their abilities. Our goal is to build a rewarding internship program that allows learners to have an important hand in the creation of a worthwhile product!

To accommodate various schedules, we’re offering internships that can be scheduled during a Winter Break or Summer Break, as well as internships that run during the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information and to download an application, please visit the website GoingLIVEfctv.com and click on the “Internship Program” tab.  And, if you represent an educational institution that would like more information about partnering with Fayette TV, please give us a call!

Dave Slusarick is creative director for Coordinated 360, subcontracted operator of Fayette TV. Contact him at david.slusarick@coordinated360.com or 1-800-893-8516.

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